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My name is Philipp Rassel,

I am a passionate amateur photographer.

I'm also a graphic designer with over fifteen years of professional experience. I used to work in small businesses as well as in big enterprises, and I worked as a freelance graphic designer on my own.

Since my father, Pol Rassel, died suddenly of a heart attack on 1st of November 2018, I decided to get more in touch with his favourite thing: BIRDS! He was very close to nature and a birdwatcher. Among others, he was also a scientific collaborator for the National Museum of Natural History.

You can find a larger selection of my photos on my Instagram account:

If you are interested in any of my photos or if you have any other questions, you can reach me by phone number (+352) 661 214 082, or by e-mail:

In loving memory of my father Pol Rassel
2.9.1950 - 1.11.2018

Philipp Rassel

Tel : +352 661 214 082 
Email :


Well, the name of my website might be confusing a little bit. So the "shots" stands for the photos that I take, I don't shoot birds!

Another thing is the term "deluxe", which is not meant to be of "superior" quality, it's way more a wordplay, as I'm from Luxembourg. So it stands rather more for "from Luxembourg".

And that's as well one of the reasons why I keep the bird names in the TOPShots section in Luxembourgish. Believe me, they are not always easy to find out.


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