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My Dad's birdwatching adventures set up in a small booklet.

BirdshotsDeluxe Portfolio

So finally I've got some very nice printed versions of my booklet. Big thanks to Fondation Kräizbierg for this excellent work.

The book is printed in format 155x216mm, 64 pages, printed on 150g/m² photopaper for the inside pages, 250g/m² for the cover, saddle stitched binding.

(Written in english.)

BirdshotsDeluxe Portfolio

The booklet is available in a limited edition of 80 copies. This is the second printed edition.

If you are interested in buying a book, you can either contact me by mail or by phone on the number (+352) 661 214 082.

The price is 15€, and I will spend 2€ by sold book to fondation natur&ëmwelt.

BirdshotsDeluxe Portfolio
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